Total Commitment to Good Health

As a business group engaged in the fields of medical, health and nursing care, the TOHO HOLDINGS GROUP predicts and captures the rapid changes and issues in the industry, and endeavors to improve efficiency of pharmaceutical distribution and achieve higher added-values so that we can contribute to expanding healthy life expectancy, establishing and maintaining the sustainable social security system in this super-aging society. 

Contribution to Pharmaceutical Distribution Capitalizing on the Group’s Integrated Power

TOHO HOLDINGS strives to maximize the Group’s integrated power through a holding company system, so that we can deliver innovative values to customers and patients. 


  • TOHO HOLDINGS, CO., LTD., an operating holding company, implements business management as well as formulation and promotion of group strategies. We strive for a speedup of the group management functions, appropriate allocation of group managerial resources and enhancement of synergy effects among group companies as the function of management supervision.
  • TOHO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD., a pharmaceutical wholesaling business operating company, exercises leadership as a core company of the Kyoso Mirai Group and aims to improve the distribution function through further enhancement of business infrastructure such as marketing capacity and information and distribution systems.
  • PharmaCluster Co., Ltd., a dispensing pharmacy business management company, helps group dispensing pharmacies expand their customer base, through such measures as reinforcement of the family pharmacy function, recruitment and educational training of personnel such as pharmacists, and system supply to raise management efficiency.
  • KYOSOMIRAI PHARMA CO., LTD., a pharmaceutical manufacturing and sales company, mainly produces and sells generics. In coordination with pharmaceutical wholesaling and dispensing pharmacy sectors, the company intends to optimize the pharmaceutical supply chain from distribution to dispensing.